New A-Z Guideline DIN 6701


The Working Group Adhesive Bonding DIN 6701 updated the A-Z Guideline. The Guideline is also published on

Based on the decisions of the last meeting (no. 47) of the Working Group Adhesive Bonding DIN 6701 the A-Z-Guideline has been updated. You can find the A-Z Guideline DIN 6701, Revison 47 under Documents and links. It is also published on

Changed are sections 6.2. and 8.1, new is section 8.19. These changes are underlined in the A-Z-Guideline.

The previous versions are archived at TBBCert and can be made available if required. As no changes resulted from the previous two meetings, there are no revisions 45 and 46.

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